2023 Local SDG Pioneers – Application Form

2023 Local SDG Pioneers – Application Form

At the Global Compact Network Canada, the search is on for 2023 SDG Pioneers. It’s time to celebrate the individuals and businesses behind sustainability in global and local markets.

Are you setting ambitious SDG targets, scale and impact at a company that participates in the UN Global Compact? If so, we want to hear your story.

When responding to all questions in the application form, please be sure to clearly communicate in detail your particular contributions and actions taken as an employee that have led to your company’s achievements.

    1. We need your permission to potentially share your story with the world.

    2. If selected, we need your permission for a 30 minute phone interview in order to prepare your SDG Pioneer profile.

    3. Is the nominee’s company a UN Global Compact participating company? (*Please note that only participating companies will be considered.)

    3a If Yes, Please enter your participant ID. Could not find your company ID? Login here

    See our Frequently Asked Questions

    If No,We greatly appreciate your interest in the SDG Pioneers. However, at the moment we are only considering companies participating in the UN Global Compact. For more information on how to join the UN Global Compact, please visit our website.

    4. Applicant's Contact Information

    5. Please select the category that best describes your company.

    6. Country of Employer (if the company operates in multiple countries, please only indicate the country where the candidate's employer is located)

    7. Which of the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) do your activities address? Select all that apply

    8. How have you contributed to your company’s success by setting ambitious SDG targets, scale and impact? Please be as specific as possible and elaborate on measurable outcomes where relevant (e.g. strategies, activities, etc.).

    9. How have you collaborated with the UN Global Compact and/or Global Compact Network Canada to advance the SDGs?

    10. Have you led the development of innovative products, services, and/or business models that advance the SDGs? If yes, please be as specific as possible and demonstrate ownership of the process.

    11. How have you led efforts to integrate the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into your business strategies and functions? What was your specific role?

    12. How have you been instrumental in identifying new ways to engage in the sustainable development agenda? How have you engaged, mobilized, inspired, and rallied colleagues and external stakeholders to support the SDGs?

    13. Professional Reference: Please provide the name, title, and email address of a colleague/supervisor at your company who can attest to the work described in your application.