Accenture Canada’s Letter to the Future Canada

To the Future Canada,

It is a sobering task to write a letter that will resonate with leaders 15 years from now, much less 150 years. We certainly do hope that by the year 2166, the Leafs have won the Stanley Cup again. But our greatest hope is this: as you read our era’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, you do so with some incredulity.

Accenture CanadaWe hope that as you read this letter, you wonder why anyone ever had to write it down that a man and a woman are equals in the workplace and community – representing the fifth SDG of Gender Equality, set in 2015. And we hope that the leadership reading this letter is evenly split between genders, with the ensuing discussions and action items equally shared – working together as a team driven to succeed, powered by respect for the individual, and rooted in integrity.

All of this would mean that our efforts have been so effective that you cannot understand why there was ever a need for this goal at all.

Perhaps you still say in your time that “History repeats itself, and what gets forgotten is often repeated.” When it comes to securing and protecting our diversity, we must always be vigilant to achieve and preserve our gains. At Accenture, we believe an organization which fosters diversity will be stronger, smarter and more innovative – which will better serve the needs of clients, stakeholders and the communities we interact with.

And that is why in 2016 we founded our Canadian Diversity Leadership Council. Today, our 384,000 employees worldwide represent a tremendous variety of cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, backgrounds, abilities and languages. We offer an inclusive environment free from discrimination. We firmly believe that trust is created through transparency, and what gets measured gets done. And so this year we reported for the first time the demographics of our 4,000-strong Canadian workforce for Gender, Persons with Disabilities, Visible Minorities and Aboriginal Peoples. We will report annually on our progress across these areas of diversity. We hope that all numbers are proportionately representative to Canada’s population when you read this.

As leaders, we ask that you never stop fostering diversity within your organization. Do not give up gains 15 years or 150 years from now. Together, across many generations, we are working as a team to ensure the strongest possible future for us all.


Bill Morris
Canada President and Senior Managing Director, Accenture
Claudia Thompson
Diversity Lead and Managing Director, Accenture

Accenture Letter to the Future Canada