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Principles-based Sustainable Recovery For Canadian Businesses UN Global Compact Network Canada is pleased to launch the Principles-Based Sustainable Recovery for Canadian Businesses guide – a sustainable road to recovery for the Canadian private sector. This guide was created by a group of expert representatives from the

Business for Gender Equality 2020 is an interactive virtual forum designed to showcase outstanding action, help break barriers, and fast-forward gender equality progress in the Canadian private sector.

Innovation, investment and partnership to support Canadian farmers on the way to a green recovery The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forward a significant risk for Canadians, a risk many of us have not faced previously: the threat of food insecurity. Around the world, we’re seeing many

Global Compact Network Canada to host a virtual forum fast-forwarding gender equality and workplace inclusion in Canada Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC), the Canadian chapter of the United Nations Global Compact, will be hosting an innovative virtual forum, Business for Gender Equality: A forum to fast-forward