Mwaura Kibui from CARE Canada’s Letter to the Future Canada

Canada 150

Tell us about your role and how you are contributing to the society:

I work in an organization which strives to eradicate poverty around the world. I give support to other CARE staff both in Canada and in our Country offices around the world to ensure that we have functioning systems to enable accountability to our donors and the communities we work with.

Presently, what do you like about Canada?

I like the cosmopolitan nature of Canada. I like how Canada is accommodating to the diverse cultures and also the values it stands for. A country that has always stood for peace and has played a positive role in world affairs. I like the stance Canada has taken on environmental issues and Gender equity. I also like the beauty of Canada and the friendly nature of it’s people.

Your Letter to the Future:

Canada is a melting pot of the world as I don’t think there is a nation on earth not represented here through immigration. It is our collective rich culture & values that will enable us to meet the Sustainable development goals in the next 15 years. Always strive to make Canada the best example of peace, stability & Justice in the world. In 150 years, the concept of citizenship as we know it today may be very different. Perhaps people will not need to move physically to Canada to get the right to be called Canadians and to contribute to it’s development. As such, I foresee Canadians spread across the world who will influence positive change to ensure that the world in 150 years will be a place of peace and prosperity for all people. We the current generation have tried to play our part and I pray that the future generations will take Canada to even greater heights in the next 150 years. May God bless the future generations of Canada.