Circular Economy Working Group

Circular Economy Working Group : Circular Economy Practices to Fast-Track SDGs in Canada

Circular Economy Practices to Fast-Track SDGs in Canada

UN Global Compact Network Canada is pleased to introduce a new working group titled “Circular Economy Practices to Fast-Track SDGs in Canada” aiming to contribute to the progress of the circular economy while promoting responsible business practices and the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In recent years, the circular economy has been recognized as an effective model that provides an opportunity to address some of the world’s most urgent cross-cutting sustainable development challenges. The circular economy provides great promise to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, including SDGs 6 on energy, 8 on economic growth, 11 on sustainable cities, 12 on sustainable consumption and production, 13 on climate change, 14 on oceans and 15 on life on land through the use of innovative design thinking, life cycle assessments and regeneration of natural systems. Making actions visible when it comes to the relation between circular economy practices and the SDGs is important for the development of new and innovative solutions.

The Canadian business community is showcasing a great commitment to utilizing the circular economy model as a way of improving efficiency and creating new market opportunities. The Government of Canada has also joined hands with Finland and the Netherlands to put the circular economy at the forefront of sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This year Canada will be leading the dialogues on the circular economy by virtually hosting the 2021 edition of the World Circular Economy Forum, from September 13 to 15, 2021. The Circular Economy Practices to Fast-Track SDGs in Canada working group will support these efforts and move the discussion forward.

Objectives of the Working Group
  • Do a mapping exercise to establish how circular economy principles complement the SDGs.
  • Discuss opportunities and challenges for the circular economy related to the contribution to the SDGs.
  • Identify solutions for companies to contribute to the most applicable SDGs following circular economy principles.
  • For applicable SDGs, highlight best practices to inspire further action.
Timeline and Meeting Frequency

The working group will have four virtual sessions to be scheduled between July to November (1.5 hours each).

Interested in Participating?

Participation in the Circular Economy Practices to Fast-Track SDGs in Canada working group is open to any Canadian business with strong focus on SDGs and circular economy.

The following fees apply in order to participate in the working group:

GCNC Visionary Supporter: Program is included in Visionary Supporter benefits
GCNC Patron Supporter: Program is included in Patron Supporter benefits
GCNC Premium Supporter: CAD 1,250 (plus HST)
UN Global Compact Participant: CAD 1,850 (plus HST)
UN Global Compact Signatory: CAD 1,850 (plus HST)
Companies that are not members of the UN Global Compact or supporters of GCNC: CAD 2,500 (plus HST)

Ready to Join?

This working group has already been filled out. Stay tuned for more working group opportunities.