Communication on Progress: The Essentials

About this Webinar

In this webinar, the GCNC shows participants how to draft and submit your Communication on Progress (COP) in a way that effectively communicates with a company’s stakeholders and complies with the UNGC’s reporting requirements.

During the Webinar, participants will:

  • Understand what COP is, including its submission requirements and options.
  • Learn how to communicate to stakeholders in a transparent and public manner.
  • Ask questions to GCNC and UNGC staff about COP and navigating the UN Global Compact’s online submission portal.

About the Speaker

Aparna Venkatachalam
Senior Program Manager, Global Compact Network Canada

Aparna Venkatachalam is the Senior Program Manager of the UN Global Compact Network Canada, and a Senior Consultant at B.Accountability. Aparna has over 6 years of international work experience in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility in a broad range of industries.

Aparna is passionate about engaging businesses to create mutually beneficial solutions to complex development challenges in the business environment. In her spare time, Aparna also volunteers with the Foundation of Environmental Stewardship, a youth-led climate change education organization based in Toronto.