Ellie Bianca’s Entry to The Gender Equality Awards 2017

Principle 4: Promote education, training and professional development for women

Tell us what your company is doing to advance the selected principle above:

Ellie Bianca is a women-owned and operated company built on a passionate desire to give back to communities, promote sustainability, empower women through business partnerships and education, and provide truly all natural, luxury skin care products scientifically and innovatively formulated with pure ingredients.

We are wholeheartedly committed to bettering the lives of women around the world by empowerment through business and fair trade. Our shea butter and oil is directly sourced by us from two women-run co-ops in Africa. By sourcing direct, we’re able to connect with the women on a personal level and work with them to develop, maintain, and/or improve upon sustainable practices so that they can support their communities in a sustainable way.

Ellie Bianca also directly sponsors the education of young girls and boys, encouraging them to become part of a movement to open hearts and minds so that current and future generations have the opportunity to pursue their full potential.

From sourcing to producing to purchasing, Ellie Bianca is more than just skin care. It is about empowering women through confidence, pride and love. By sharing our story, and the stories of others, we wish to deliver a message of hope that inspires more women everywhere to pursue their dreams.
Ellie Bianca is Kind to your Skin, Kind to the Earth and Kind to Women

Tell us why your company is advancing the selected principle above:

Ellie Bianca Founder, Evelyne Nyairo, was born and raised in Africa, a young girl resisting being conditioned to recognize and accept disparity between men and women in education, profession, social standing, and foundational rights. She admired strong, hard working women maintaining dignity and determination in the face of being treated like lesser people.

As a young woman, she came to Canada where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree, Environmental Sciences (Biology and Chemistry majors), became a mother and an environmental professional, and went on to complete her Masters of Science degree (Environmental Management with focus on resource conservation and sustainability). For over 17 years, she has worked as an environmental professional on several sustainability projects locally, nationally and internationally. Being able to go back to Africa to work on sustainability projects has been her opportunity to contribute to conservation and encourage the growth of the incredible abundance of beautiful natural resources there, and in so doing she’s built precious relationships with farms and co-ops supporting their communities by working with nature to produce the most amazing ingredients.

Ellie Bianca is the labour of love that has resulted from her being an African-Canadian woman, mother and Scientist eager to do her part to enact positive change in the world on as many levels as possible.
We offer the experience of truly natural, effective, luxury skin care, the authenticity and transparency of our process and ingredients, and the knowledge that supporting Ellie Bianca means hope for future generations.