“The future belongs to the bold – Canada needs more courage” – By Deloitte Canada

Below is an excerpt from GCNC’s Patron Supporter Deloitte Canada’s report “The future belongs to the bold – Canada needs more courage”.

canada needs courage deloitteAs the country nears its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary, Canada finds itself at a pivotal moment—and facing major challenges. Our resource industries are under significant strain. Our exporters’ fortunes still depend on the ups and downs of the US economy. Our companies, large and small, face the constant threat of technology-driven disruption. And our governments are operating with greater fiscal restraint as public debt levels grow higher. We emerged from the Great Recession bruised but unbowed, yet we still haven’t regained peak form. Why? canada needs courage deloitte

After six years of studying Canada’s economy, Deloitte Canada has come to believe it’s because too many Canadian businesses lack an essential, game-changing quality: courage.

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