SoW project launched 1st workshop and collected nearly 200 sticky notes on the wicked challenges of gender equality

gender equality leadership project

In March, the Government of Canada announced funding to Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC) for a three-year project to engage the private sector as a responsible accelerator to eliminate barriers faced by women in the workplace. This project will focus on engaging corporate partners to develop, test, and implement a set of tools leading to a blueprint for gender equality in the private sector.

In the last few months, we have been making strides in moving the project forward. Notably, we held a workshop with all participating companies and advisory partners at Baker McKenzie’s office in Toronto on June 12. In this workshop, we discussed at length the wicked challenges and barriers faced by women in the workplace. The result was an engaging discussion and nearly 200 notes from the brainstorming session!

Now that we have determined the wicked challenges to workplace gender equality, one of the primary next steps is to hold workshops at each participating company’s office to discuss the solutions specific to each organization. We are excited for further productive workshops in the coming months!

Would your company like to get involved? Five more companies will have the opportunity to participate in this project next year.

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