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Leveraging a Circular Economy to Fast-track the SDGs guide

In recent years, circular economy has been recognized as an effective model that provides an opportunity to address some of the world’s most urgent cross-cutting sustainable development challenges. The circular economy model provides great promise to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, including Goal 6, Goal 8, Goal 11, Goal 12, Goal 13, Goal 14 and Goal 15 through the use of innovative design thinking, and life cycle assessments and regeneration of natural systems. Making actions visible when it comes to the relation between circular economy practices and the SDGs is important for the development of new and innovative solutions.

UN Global Compact Network Canada had the pleasure of working with a group of participant companies and creating a guide aiming to contribute to the progress of the circular economy while promoting responsible business practices and the advancement of the SDGs. This guide is available in both English and French.

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