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Raising Corporate Ambition for Environmental Sustainability: Canada’

This webinar series consisted of four sessions that focused on Canada's agricultural sector, sustainable blue economy, technology's role in mitigating climate change, and protecting nature to future-proof businesses and mitigate climate change. During the sessions, the speakers discussed the impact of economic activity on environmental degradation and the exacerbation of climate change. The severity of weather extremes threatened food and water security and resulted in economic disruption.

National and corporate commitments were required to tackle the issue, and businesses played a crucial role in accelerating climate action and environmental sustainability. The Parties at COP26 emphasized the need for a mindset shift, adaptation, mitigation, and financing to strengthen ambition in these three pillars of collective climate action.

Throughout the webinar series, the speakers used the three pillars as a lens to discuss the actions, tools, and partnerships that businesses leveraged to advance action on Canada's most pressing environmental challenges ahead of COP27. They also discussed the challenges of future-proofing Canadian businesses against impending environmental and climate risks and examined Canada's international efforts to scale progress.

Overall, the webinar series provided insights into the ways businesses could contribute to climate action and environmental sustainability in Canada. The discussions emphasized the need for collective action and a mindset shift to mitigate the impacts of climate change on the economy and society. 

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