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SDG In Action Podcast Series

As we near the crucial midpoint of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a sobering realization has emerged: the global momentum towards meeting the Global Goals is not as swift or expansive as needed. Though the objective of realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals by 2030 remains within reach, it demands urgent, scalable, and collaborative action across sectors to accelerate progress. Central to this urgency is the transformative potential of businesses. The global community anticipates and depends on the leadership of UN Global Compact committed companies to spearhead bold and impactful initiatives.

With this backdrop, the UN Global Compact Network Canada presents the 'SDG in Action' podcast series. This endeavour aims to distill the SDGs into actionable and achievable strategies, specifically catered to the Canadian business landscape. Each episode is designed to offer a comprehensive exploration of one or several SDGs, enabling Canadian enterprises to align with, understand, and integrate these universal objectives.

This podcast series is sponsored byElement Fleet Management, a leading provider of fleet management solutions committed to sustainability and supporting businesses in their journey towards a more sustainable future.

The Business Case for Sustainable Development

The SDGs aren't just global ambitions; they're business imperatives. Understanding and integrating them can significantly enhance an organization's value proposition, offering both operational and reputational advantages. The UN Global Compact Network Canada, recognizing this profound connection, presents the "SDG in Action" podcast—a clear, concise, and collaborative platform that bridges the gap between sustainability aspirations and real-world business applications.

An Insightful Dive into the Global Goals

Narrating sustainability tales from a Canadian lens, we turn the Global Goals from broad goals into tangible business actions. Through each episode, businesses will find inspiration to realign, reinvent, and reinforce their sustainable practices, ensuring they not only grow but thrive in harmony with global sustainability objectives.

Why Engage With Us?

  • Simplicity in Complexity: Decode the intricate SDGs into comprehensible business strategies.
  • Stay Updated: Be on top of the evolving landscape of sustainable business practices.
  • Real Stories, Real Impact: Explore impactful case studies that mirror the positive change driven by the SDGs.
  • Elevate Your Vision: Understand the deeper business significance of each SDG and how it resonates with contemporary business scenarios.
  • Knowledge Enhancement: Benefit from the rich insights of Canadian industry leaders, sustainability experts, and renowned activists.
  • Action Over Words: Be inspired to transform your business in line with global sustainability objectives.

Every SDG has its narrative, challenges, and potential. "SDG in Action" not only spotlights these aspects but also provides practical avenues for businesses to seamlessly integrate these goals. Join us on this journey, where business meets sustainability, fostering a brighter, better tomorrow.

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Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace

Dive into gender equity's significance in organizations. Emphasize diversity, including trans & non-binary. Learn to enhance culture & promote gender inclusion in the workplace.

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Solutions from the Depths to Communities

This episode delves deep into Goal 14 - Life Below Water, focusing on the urgent issue of marine plastic pollution and its interconnection with other Sustainable Development Goals.

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Exploring Renewable Energy and Community Collaboration

This episode is dedicated to exploring real-world applications of Goals 7, 9 and 11, particularly within the unique context of Canada. Stay tuned!

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A Transformative Path Toward Health and Equity

Explore the profound impact of Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being, with a focus on its critical importance within the Canadian context.

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Advancing Food Production Sustainability for a Resilient Tomorrow

Explore sustainable food systems and their impact on advancing Goal 2 - Zero Hunger, Goal 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation, and Goal 13 - Climate Action, both in Canada and on a global scale.

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