Letter from Fatima Remtulla to the Future Canada

Letter from Fatima Remtulla

Letter from Fatima Remtulla to the Future Canada

Tell us about your role and how you are contributing to the society:

As a Gender Equality Independent Consultant, Coach, Educator, Advocate, Mentor, Speaker and Writer; I work to empower myself and others towards reaching their fullest potential as human beings, living in an environment that allows for holistic lifestyles, improving our lives in health, education and spirituality. I envision living in a world that is inclusive of pluralistic views, that offers unity, freedom, open democracies, orderly governance, peace, and civil rights that include upholdment and upliftment of basic rights for every child, woman and man on this planet, my home.

Presently, what do you like about Canada?:

I appreciate that Canada is taking the initiatives to be that change that beings with oneself and one’s world around them. That this change is striving to include all gender parties (women, girls, men and boys) to fully reach its potentiality and that choice includes a starting point with a honouring of ones relationship with oneself as a country and its peoples and recognizing that one has to be engaged in the creation of that change. I appreciate that Canada is taking the initiatives to be that space for creation for transformation that beings with engaging in dialogue between public-private sectors, corporations and civil society organizations to become inclusive in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals with the concepts that change, choice, principles and persistence towards a shared commonality of good governance practices and security are a benefit towards productivity as a whole for the consumers, communities, civil society and the economies. Lastly, that Canada is initiating in pluralistic views in engaging in a dialogue in role modeling, mentoring and supporting the next generation to be accountable leaders in their own environments from a gender lens perspective from the intercept to completion.

Your Letter to the Future:

November 2016, I happened upon my favourite poem by Marge Piercy “The Seven Pentacles”, she wrote of the time it takes to create what is good in life in a fast-paced, hectic world. Piercy, references the journey to an ecosystem. Our future like an ecosystem seemed unpredictable, the seeds were being planted and a path seemed to be carving. Bidding Farewell, I wondered if our actions to grow gender equality would reap a prosperous crop of global sustainability. Would the garden be weed free of violence, fear, poverty…replaced with unity, peace and solidarity? Would the vision for the future, include peoples of Canada? And the harvest of the broader thinking embrace inclusivity with a view of engagement and respect that starts in our homes, communities and the globe.

In a time capsule from 2017 to 15 and 150 years after we have achieved the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Will the future be carved out from a Newtonian worldview, where it results in actions bound in win-lose combinations, were the seeds of growth include definitions of going as far as we can, instead of being bound in were all relationships are based on a “Win-Win”, in which we make decisions with empathy? Will the harvest include a conscious shift to thinking with feeling, profit with people, wisdom with learning, ego with spirit, now with the future, rich with poor, corruption with ethics and the sacred with the secular? Will the crop embed our DNA to raise conscious leaders, seekers of achieving a state of grace with others, the Universe, the LOVE in every moment, person, living thing and experience? Will businesses and organizations of the era be inviting new markets, ideas and horizons be of social conscious working with communities, finding solutions facing the planet towards poverty, war, climate change, gender discrimination and democracy? Will “Trust and Integrity” be examples of “Congruence”, penetrating, ready to renounce old ways and rise to formidable challenges? As it’s this form of leadership that has done more to integrate culture and values on our planet than others. A lack of global social consciousness could dictate the growth of the crop. Will we plant the seeds of transformation and principles, thus reap and sow integrity, LOVE and purpose? Our personal choices and values will carve good governance, democracies and make our vision a reality of a healthy crop of a successful sustainable planet and its people.

Fatima G Remtulla
Gender, The Landscape and Power Strategies