Letter to the Future from Silvia Pencak, CEO of Powerful Life Consulting

The following is a letter from Silvia Pencak to the future Canada, CEO of Powerful Life Consulting, where she gives hope to Canadians of the future and encourages them to take a leadership role and lead by example. 

Tell us about your role and how you are contributing to the society:

Letter to the Future from Silvia PencakPLC (Powerful Life Consulting) is a consulting company helping senior leaders deliver mission critical projects on time, on budget and on the promise. In addition to being a CEO and leading a team, I work closely with leaders around the globe to quickly turn around failed projects into success and speed up the necessary change and innovation.

Your Letter to the Future:

To Canada’s Future Leaders:

I’m honoured and humbled to be a Canadian. I wasn’t born in this country. I came here as an immigrant to seek better future for myself and my family. Being a leader in my home country, I was looking forward to contributing my talents, skills and experiences in a much bigger way.

Beginnings were much harder than I imagined, the learning curve was longer, yet much needed. I decided to press through the obstacles and keep doing my best. Slowly I built new friendships, embraced variety of cultures, expanded my horizons and became part of multiple communities. My life is more colourful and richer because of Canada. I am grateful for my family, business, team, clients, advisors, business partners, fans and wonderful friends.

My Canada in 2031 came to understand that expertise and experiences gained around the globe matter. We welcome talent, have systems, processes and necessary support in place to plant this talent into local communities and grow it to benefit us all. We not only embrace diversity, but we reap benefits of diverse workplaces and communities, learning from each other and significantly improving the quality of life at home and around the globe.

By 2166 I envision Canada to be a true global leader. We believe in people, support economic growth, diversity and sustainability around the globe. We lead by example and impact positive change for individuals and countries that aren’t able to help themselves – from women and children to countries devastated by war and dictatorship. We are the country that cares and makes a difference.

As a future leader, I have a big hope in you. You stand on tears, sweat and hard work of many who walked the walk before you. Our journey is over, yours just begins. You CAN make big things happen. You can change things and impact the outcomes. Don’t worry about what is, just strive for what can be. Seek improvement and growth – for yourself and those around you. Choose to use your talent, sharpen it and become a game changer.

Silvia Pencak