Letter to the Future from s2e Technologies

Dear Future Canadian Leaders,

We, the millennial leaders of s2e Technologies are honoured to, in this letter to the future leaders, collaboratively share our unique individual perspectives, inspirations and constructive thoughts to our nation in celebration of the land we collectively and with great pride call ‘home’.

Our current personal contributions to Canadian society and our purpose driven work at S2e Technologies synonymously create an ever-changing and evolving future path for Canadian leaders.

“I believe the real strength in Canada is found in all the different backgrounds in conversation, leading to the development of ideas to solve problems some of us did not even know existed, due to our culture. Therefore, I am not exactly worried about our future. I am, however, anxious to see what my generation provides to the world, pushing it in the right direction to combat present issues and making our society better, one perspective at a time.” ~ Andres Benavides, Research Intern

“My role in society has yet to be distinctly carved out as I am only beginning in my professional career, however, I intend on educating and promoting the ideas around sustainable development in infrastructure, focusing on sustainable material and construction practices. While doing this, simultaneously proving and providing alternatives that are affordable and high quality.“ ~ Emily Sarah Rose Pepper

“I am an Engineering Research Intern at s2e Technologies. My role mainly consists of researching and developing engineering for our main sustainable projects in Canada and around the globe. These projects are meaningful to me because they all result in a net reduction in energy consumption and push the envelope for sustainability measures around the world. I have found Canada to be a welcoming and inclusive place, where growth is highly encouraged.” ~ Marquise Kamanke, Engineering Research Intern

“I hope that in another 150 years Canada remains to be a place of breathtaking scenery and that people are able to continue to breathe Canada’s clean air. With care for the environment growing stronger and sustainable energy increasing I believe that in the future, pollution and global warming will become problems that are close to non-existent. Canada is home to many high-class institutions where future leaders are able to grow and learn. There is no doubt in my mind that the world in the future will have its own conflicts, however, I believe that there will always be qualified people in Canada who will do their best in trying to resolve them.” ~ David Kim, Research Intern

“As an immigrant woman, it gives me with the feeling of being secured and respected, the feeling of being appreciated rather than being ignored or isolated. Canada is teaching me how to love and admire myself more and more and how to live peacefully with people in my community. I believe Canada has been a global leader in handling immigration and attracting wonderful people from all over the world, however, this is not enough for managing the challenges of tomorrow. To be a leader of tomorrow, the next step for the coming 150 years should be to recreate this model all over the world for more inclusivity and aid in enhancing the ability for the development of safe, clean and stable infrastructure and energy to the world that extends beyond our borders.” ~ Elham Akhavan, Research Intern

“A thing I like about Canada right now is that I am able to be who I am. I don’t have to be someone I’m not to please people around me or even people involved in the government.” ~ Carlos Javier Fernandez Mac Gregor, Research Intern

“I work on projects that encourage governments to pursue environmentally sustainable development, specifically focusing on the economic feasibility of sustainable development that meets the triple bottom line (economic, societal, and environmental needs). I feel that by choosing to work in sustainable development, I encourage peers, youth, and elders who know me to reflect on their own actions; “am I currently a good environmental steward”, “can I do more”, and “should I be doing more”?” ~ Demetri Makrakos, Research Intern

“The secret for success is to use all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new, that’s what Canada is all about, and that’s why I love Canada. There are many passionate people in this country who are doing their best to improve the standard of living for the people. They care about everybody without discrimination. I have been in several countries as a refugee and never found a place that respected us like Canada. Because of Canada, I believe that home is not a specific place, home is where I feel welcomed and respected. Canada is my home, and I try my best to contribute its success.” ~ Sohaib AL-Emara, Autonomous Robotic Developer Co-op student

Thank you to the Global Compact Network Canada for giving us the opportunity to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday with sustainability by offering the rich experiences and knowledge recorded in the history of one’s country from which future leaders can learn.


Research Intern Team
s2e Technologies, Inc.