Letter to the Future from Mr. Alamgir Khan, UNDSS Pakistan

Letter to the Future Canada from Mr. Alamgir Khan, UNDSS Pakistan

Tell us about your role and how you are contributing to the society:

I am a humanitarian and working with UN in Pakistan from last 10 years. I am providing safety and security to the United Nations staff members in operations as well in field missions. While saving lives together, we are also providing help to the NGOs and embassies in Pakistan and supporting of their humanitarian activities in Pakistan.

Your Letter to the Future:

Dear Canadian citizens, as a member of the United Nations – Pakistan I am very honored to have this opportunity to extend my personal greetings to the Canadian people as you celebrate the 150 anniversaries of your beloved country.
I am sure that this celebration has been promoting the unity, peace, and harmony in your society through traditional tools and techniques.

I encourage the Canadian people for good work and looking forward to learning about your success in the activities and programs planned throughout Canada this year 2017.

I am presenting my best wishes on the behalf of the people of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) especially from where I belong and from my whole country particularly on the celebration of 150th anniversaries.
I hope your help with the people of the developing countries in the peace promotion will continue like in the past and hoping for the best in future.

Best regards and inspirational greetings for your future.

Mr. Alamgir Khan
United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) Pakistan