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How was your primary SDG focus identified and prioritized in the company’s value chain?

SDG 10 was identified as a priority across Lundin Mining’s operations, as Respect for human rights is a fundamental commitment consistent with the Company’s Mission and Values, and is stated in its Code of Conduct and the Responsible Mining Policy.

The Company fosters an inclusive and diverse workplace and does not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on gender, age, race, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, or any other personal characteristics protected by applicable law.

Being bound by its Diversity and Inclusion Policy translates into efforts to recruit a diverse workforce, create a respectful and inclusive environment, invest in initiatives that are reflective of its commitment and to provide education to its employees on topics focused on diversity and inclusion.

Many of Lundin Mining’s community investments focus on supporting the economic empowerment and education programs for those underprivileged and populations in vulnerable positions. Nevertheless, the Company is conscious that economic progress may be secondary to thriving community programs; success can also be measured by assessing the initiative impact on the community towards bridging connections, reinforcing identity, increasing engagement and active citizenship.

As a result, Lundin Mining takes every opportunity to implement SDG 10, empowering respect for diversity. This is demonstrated by the Pride Event organized by its Swedish operation, Zinkgruvan. The event took place during a week-long celebration, the first of its kind in the community, and included initiatives to raise awareness of equality, tolerance and inclusion. Zinkgruvan also launched an LGBT version of the mine’s logo.

How was your primary SDG integrated and anchored throughout your business?

Lundin Mining is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, and to empower and promote inclusion of all, irrespective of any differences. Being inclusive gives a voice to those vulnerable and ensures opportunities to fully participate are offered.

SDG 10 was integrated in the Diversity Policy, adopted in 2016, and amended in 2019 to the Diversity and Inclusion Policy. This new policy includes the directive to recruit a diverse workforce, create a respectful and inclusive environment, invest in initiatives in the surrounding communities that reflect this commitment and provide education to employees on these and other topics focused on diversity and inclusion. In addition, the Company has also published a Board Diversity policy earlier this year detailing the commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion at the Board, executive and senior management levels.

Given mining’s tradition as a generally male-dominated industry, the attraction and retention of female employees can be a challenge. To support diversity initiatives, training programs have been launched in surrounding communities, with focus placed on encouraging more female job applicants.

Zinkgruvan mine has taken a leadership role in championing diversity and inclusion, by disrupting traditional gender roles and nurturing future generations with programs that encourage female interest in engineering, technology and technical roles in mining. In addition, the mine co-organized the first ever LGBT Pride event in the region – a reflection of the Company’s core values.

Did you employ any innovative approaches in your efforts to implement the goal?


The primary goal has been implemented at Zinkgruvan using a variety of innovative approaches through different initiatives. Experts say homophobic culture is pervasive throughout the mining industry. The Pride Week was the first of its kind in the community and possibly the most important LGBT event ever organized by a mining company. The Company joined forces with local government to organize the event and various platforms were used to engage with the community.

Were any partnerships leveraged or created?

Zinkgruvan teamed with the Municipality of Askersund to organize its first LGBT Pride event, “Lakeside Pride Askersund”. As the Municipality of Askersund’s largest private employer, Zinkgruvan has taken a lead role in championing diversity and inclusion in the local community and advancing initiatives of this kind that reflect the Company’s core values. The events in Askersund Harbour took place from August 11th to 18th in 2018, and included art, film and music events, as well as a mine virtual reality tour. The functions were consummated with musical festivities. In honour of the first Lakeside Pride event, Zinkgruvan also launched an LGBT edition of their mine logo.

What communications strategy did you employ to share the initiative with your stakeholders?

There were several methods for communicating the initiatives to stakeholders – Zinkgruvan used, for example:

  • Social media
  • Askersund’s website
  • Posters for advertising in the community
  • Local news papers
  • Communications to stakeholders on Zinkgruvan’s email distribution list
  • Local business/institution engagement
  • Internal advertising

Given the Lakeside Pride event’s high-profile role in the local community, communications and notification dissemination were also pervasive and spread to stakeholders via word of mouth in addition to those more formal methods described above.

How were KPIs and the levels of success outlined and defined?

Relevant KPIs for Diversity and Inclusion at Zinkgruvan include:

  • Increase number of females hired
  • Number of women participating in training and projects
  • Number of comments on Facebook and other social media tools praising the Pride event
  • Number of articles published about the Pride event

How were reporting and monitoring conceptualized and undertaken?

Initiatives such as Lakeside Pride are monitored, and takeaways are obtained through ongoing feedback mechanisms between the community and Zinkgruvan Mine on platforms such as social media.


What were some key lessons learned?


Community participation plays a vital role in sustainability.  Identifying the framework within which a community is functioning can support a company’s ability to develop an approach to a community-wide and focused vision, build trust, foster collaboration and establish priorities to contribute to sustainable development. The organization of the Lakeside Pride Askersund counted on the participation of many of Zinkgruvan’s employees and reaffirmed the Company’s position as a valued member of the community.

What were the key impacts and results?

Reducing inequalities is of vital importance to Lundin Mining – the Company is very proud Zinkgruvan Mine for its organization of initiatives to achieve this and for its efforts to represent Lundin Mining as a local agent of positive development. The mine coordinated with the municipality to organize its first “Pride” event – the Lakeside Pride Askersund. As the municipality of Askersund’s largest private employer and an agent of benefit to the community, Zinkgruvan has advanced local diversity and inclusion, adhering closely to Lundin’s core values and policy directives.

The Lakeside Pride Askersund is now considered as an annual event and attracts the inclusion of greater number of meaningful partnerships. In addition, at this year’s event to be held, Zinkgruvan plans to incorporate an educational component in which they will offer training on diversity and inclusion and treating the LGBT community with respect to city officials within the municipality. There is also the possibility that, in the future, inspired by Zinkgruvan Mine, other operations owned by Lundin Mining may organize their own Pride events within their host communities.

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