Matrix Search Group

Matrix Search Group


Matrix Search Group is a platform for talent and leadership management in the Canadian real estate and development industry. Our goals are centered on the sustainable development of people in Corporate Canada, as well as the connections of people – where the dialogue is solutions-focused and equity driven. Our team is strongly aligned with increasing diversity and inclusion in the Canadian economy.

We are about the creation of partnerships focused on awareness and education of inclusivity in Corporate Canada, specifically in the real estate industry. Our industry is a crucial element for the Canadian economy; as it represents Canadians, their businesses, and more importantly the communities that define people in Canada.

The Matrix Search team actively contributes to the real estate community through key sponsorships, committee participation, and various co-lead initiatives and partnerships. In addition, Matrix Search supports a variety of external organizations and affiliates whose focus areas are in education, advancement of equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as economic and land development.

The Global Compact Network Canada is an opportunity for leaders and stakeholders alike to connect across sectors and networks to create lasting impact in their respective circles of influence, advancing the Sustainable Development Goals – ultimately for a brighter future for all.

Our initiatives circle around access to opportunities for inclusion and building an economic platform for parity to exist. Matrix Search Group is honoured to join the GCNC as participant and our team looks forward to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.