Global Compact Network Canada is looking for SDG Innovation Mentors to join the Young SDG Innovators Program.

Mentors will help shape the ambitions and plans of the young Innovator teams, serving as advisors to the teams as they identify a sustainable development challenge relevant to their company and develop a solution that will address it. This is an exciting opportunity for professionals with background in innovation and project development for sustainability to play a pivotal role in advancing the sustainability efforts of leading UN Global Compact companies.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Professionals with experience in organizational change, business model innovation, product development or design thinking
  • Expertise in entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship/project development as it relates to sustainable development

For more detail on participation benefits and expectations for Mentors, please navigate through below tabs. In order to apply, please submit your resume, or get in touch with us at

Interested in becoming a Mentor, but the program commitment doesn’t match your schedule?

Candidates who fit the profile for Mentors could instead become Facilitators and lead one/more of the in-person Innovation Camps on the program. To apply, please get in touch with us at