Namit Nath Bhargava

Namit Nath Bhargava, Market Unit Lead – Canada, Sustainability Services, Accenture

Namit Nath Bhargava - Market Unit Lead – Canada, Sustainability Services: AccentureNamit leads Sustainability Services for Accenture in Canada. He has 17 years of experience working with clients – private, public, and multi-party shaping sustainable business and value chain transformations, crafting strategies to link sustainability to value creation and aligning leadership teams behind ambitious agendas to reorient their organizations and ecosystems to more sustainable models. He has supported the conception, incubation and launch of bold and impactful sustainability ventures, embedding sustainable practices with advanced technologies. Namit has also counselled banks, insurers and other active investors looking to align their portfolio selection and management approach to deeply embed ESG criteria and reduce financed emissions. Namit has a particular focus on Food Security, E2E Decarbonization and Circular product/service design.

An Indian, Canadian and British resident, originally from Jaipur – India, Namit is now based in Calgary, after 8 years with Accenture and Vodafone in London, the UK and another 6 years travelling across the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Germany, Japan and US leading projects with diverse business cultures and environments.

What you should know about him: He is passionate about aviation, technology (when it makes our lives easier) and experimentation. An unabashed supporter of Chelsea Football Club and all things drama (Star Wars and Lord of the Rings most of all). He appreciates, lives and stands-by loyalty, intent, resilience and ‘comfort with uncertainty’.