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Tahoe Resources and Minera San Rafael Recognized by the Vatican to Promote Responsible Mining

GCNC Patron Supporter, Tahoe Resources and it’s Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR), form part of the cover and central article published by the International Association Carità Política, a Vatican institution that focuses on diplomacy and global education.

One aspect of the institution’s current efforts is to highlight the positive effects of responsible investment by the private sector as a driver of economic development.

Carità Politica chose to present MSR to promote the importance of responsible mining as part of generating value for all stakeholders, a value that Tahoe shares and accepts.

The article entitled “Modern Mining: Empowering Women and Encouraging Long-Term Development at Minera San Rafael in Guatemala” explores the ways in which Tahoe prioritizes sustainability as a critical component of modern mining and highlights MSR’s investment in partnerships of women and women economic development programs in the local communities surrounding the Escobal mine.

The article begins on page 47 of the June 2018 edition of the Carità Politica magazine, available here.

19 September 2019

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