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UN Global Compact Network Canada welcomes new Board of Directors

Toronto, Canada – 07 December 2023 – The UN Global Compact Network Canada is delighted to announce the appointment of its new board members for the upcoming term. These dynamic individuals are poised to infuse the organization with fresh perspectives, diverse expertise, and renewed energy, reinforcing our commitment to advancing the 2030 Agenda.

Introducing Our New Board of Directors:

Elizabeth Dove, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Network Canada, commented, "With the introduction of our new Board of Directors, we are poised to move forward faster towards achieving the 2030 Agenda. Their diverse expertise and strategic leadership will provide strong governance to accelerate private sector action for sustainable development.” 

Highlights from the Recent AGM:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was a confluence of ideas and insights, featuring prominent speakers such as:

  • Rumina Dhalla, Associate Professor and Director, Institute for Sustainable Commerce, University of Guelph and Board Chair of the UN Global Compact Network Canada, initiated the meeting with welcoming remarks.
  • Elizabeth Dove, Executive Director, of the UN Global Compact Network Canada, provided an insightful overview of the Local Network Canada's accomplishments over the past year and unveiled exciting plans for 2024.
  • Mercedes Morin, Director of the Sustainable Development Goals Unit at Employment and Social Development Canada, highlighted the significant role of the business community in advancing Canada's Sustainable Development Goals Strategy.
  • Melissa Powell, Deputy Executive Director at the UN Global Compact, provided an in-depth look at the evolving global strategic directions and why we need to move Forward Faster.
  • Michael Wrinch, President and Founder of Hedgehog Technologies, shared the inspiring story of their partnership with the Haida Nation in British Columbia to create the province’s largest solar array, a testament to the power of collaborative sustainability efforts.

The AGM also served as a platform to showcase key programmes and projects spearheaded by the UN Global Compact Network Canada, emphasizing our commitment to assisting Canadian Participants of the UN Global Compact in their sustainability endeavours. For an in-depth look at our activities and accomplishments over the past year, we invite you to view the 2022/2023 Progress Report.

About the UN Global Compact Network Canada:

Established in June 2013, the UN Global Compact Network Canada is one of the Local Networks of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The organization collaborates with Canadian companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. It champions actions that advance the Sustainable Development Goals, fostering multi-stakeholder collaboration to enhance sustainable business practices in Canada.

Media Contact:
Melvina Ramasamy
Marketing and Communication Manager

07 December 2023

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