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UN Global Compact Network Canada successfully concludes the 2024 Annual General Meeting

Toronto, Canada – 27 June 2024 – The UN Global Compact Network Canada is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of its 2024 Annual General Meeting, where significant milestones, future opportunities, and key decisions were highlighted.

  • Recent Achievements: UN Global Compact Network Canada has made remarkable progress, with a total of 198 participants and engagement from 155 companies in our 2023 programming. Noteworthy growth was also observed through the increase in committed organizations to 2,320, and the rise in participating companies submitting COPs to 50.
  • Upcoming Opportunities: In our commitment to drive sustainable business practices forward, we are introducing three new programmes available for registration, two new opportunities for SMEs, and two new publications “Made in Canada, Good for the World.”
  • Financial Statements: Board Member Canon Bryan presented the financial statements for 2023-2024, highlighting a significant increase in revenue due to heightened participation fees and government-funded programs. The motion to approve the financial statements was successfully passed.
  • Appointment of a New Auditor: Led by Canon Bryan, Board Treasurer and CFO, Terrestrial Energies, recommended Oaktree Charter Professional Accounts for their expertise in independently auditing financial statements. The motion to approve the appointment was unanimously supported.
  • By-laws Amendment: Board Chair Dr. Rumina Dhalla proposed changes to the by-laws, allowing owners and directors of participant organizations to join the Board of Directors. This motion was unanimously approved to optimize the board’s composition.

The Annual General Meeting also featured a Fireside Chat: Moving Corporate Action “Forward Faster” to Build an Equitable and Sustainable Future. Moderated by Elizabeth Dove, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network Canada, the session underscored the importance of the Forward Faster initiative–focusing on five key areas with nine targets where business is best positioned to make changes that will have the biggest, fastest impact by 2030–and its cross-cutting abilities to achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Prominent speakers shared their insights on integrating SDGs into business strategies and practices. Andre-Martin Bouchard, Global Director, Earth & Environment - Global Executive Director ESG at WSP, discussed using SDGs as key performance indicators and aligning revenue with these goals. Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro, Chief Relationship Officer at Plastic Bank, highlighted the interconnectedness of sustainability challenges and the impact of engaging customers in the circular economy. Iraz Soyalp, Director of Social Impact, Private Markets at Manulife Investment Management, emphasized the necessity of addressing social challenges through innovative solutions and integrating SDGs into business processes. The chat provided fresh ideas and practical approaches for businesses to contribute to a sustainable future.

Elizabeth Dove, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Network Canada, commented, "85% of the SDGs are off track, with some even moving backwards. For most, business action can mean the difference between success and failure. We encourage you to head to the Forward Faster website, examine the commitments, and place your company’s name amongst those you are working towards, with the confidence that our programs are being designed to help you reach them.” 

As we move forward, UN Global Compact Network Canada remains committed to fostering sustainable business practices and driving corporate action towards a more equitable and sustainable future. We look forward to continued collaboration with our participants and stakeholders to achieve these goals.

For more information about the Forward Faster initiative, please visit forwardfaster.unglobalcompact.org.   

About UN Global Compact Network Canada 

The Canadian Network unites over 200 companies, large and small, from a wide range of sectors, all committed to embedding sustainable and ethical practices into their core strategies. This collective effort not only demonstrates leadership but also provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Throughout the year, the Canadian Network offers numerous engagement opportunities designed to support your company in taking decisive action and hastening the shift towards a sustainable future. 

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27 June 2024

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