Our Journey of 2019, Until Now…

On the second year of the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project, we have been working on different aspects of the project. We have prepared an update about what our team has been working on this year.

Advancement of our Blueprint

  • Maturity Model: To give a more individualized experience with the blueprint, we are working on developing a model to help businesses determine where they are in the journey towards gender equality.
  • Additions and Modifications: Based on insight from our participating companies, we are working on adding new sections, including “Internal Communications” and “Built Environment”.
  • The Case for Gender Equality in the Workplace: After engaging in several meaningful discussions at the Symposium of Women and the Workplace, we were reminded that the case for gender equality is more than the business case. We have decided to integrate both the moral case and the business case to create The Case for Gender Equality in the Workplace.


New Participants on Board

Please welcome Sodexo and ATB Financial to GCNC’s Gender Equality Leadership in the Private Sector Project!

We are looking forward to working alongside both of these companies that have shown a strong commitment to achieving gender equality in the workplace.

Blog Posts
Past Events
  • Informational

    On February 27th, 2019, we held an Informational webinar to provide an overview of the Project and engage participants to share their initiatives for gender  equality.
  • Ring the Bell for Gender Equality:
    On March 8th, 2019, GCNC celebrated International Women’s Day at the TMX and NEO Exchange. The event included a panel discussion on “Innovating  for Change”.
  • Women Deliver and The Symposium on Women and the Workplace were two fantastic conferences that our team attended, both of which helped to foster new ideas and knowledge.
Upcoming Events
  • Informational Webinar: On August 21st, 2019 at 12pm, we will have an engaging webinar, where participants will learn more about our Project and updates, listen to how participating companies are working towards gender equality, and have a chance to contribute in a Q&A session.
  • Making Global Goals Local Business – Canada: On September 9th and 10th 2019, GCNC will be hosting a conference which will bring together local and global business leaders, civil society, and Government to catalyze collective action for the 2030 Agenda. To view the conference’s agenda and buy tickets for this year’s conference, click here.
  • Year-End Workshop: On November 14th, 2019, all of the Project’s stakeholders will get together to engage in a collaborative discussion about the work done in year two, and the objectives for the third and final year of the Project. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • More Conversations: We have already facilitated individual feedback calls with all of our year one and two companies. These engagements are incredibly valuable, and we always enjoy exchanging knowledge with our participants. For the remaining months of 2019, we look forward to continuing these conversations.