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We are delighted to welcome you to the dedicated page for Participants of the UN Global Compact Network Canada. Here, you will discover valuable information to support you on your sustainable journey as a Participant of the UN Global Compact. We are dedicated to consistently improving this page to maximize its benefits for you. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Engagement Manager, Jen Brundage, at jen@unglobalcompact.ca.

UN Global Compact Dashboard

The UN Global Compact Dashboard functions as an online platform that provides Participants with entry to the information stored in the UN Global Compact database. By using the Dashboard, you have the ability to make changes to your organization’s details, update contact information, add or remove contact individuals, request the “We Support” logo from the UN Global Compact, retrieve your username and password, and submit your Communication on Progress (CoP). Utilize the ID and Password you created during the application submission process. In case you don’t have a login ID, you should inform the main contact point of your organization to add you as a contact person.


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Use of Logo

The official logos of the United Nations are exclusively reserved for the United Nations Global Compact and cannot, under any circumstances, be used by third parties. This includes the SDGs logo. Non-UN entities are not allowed to use the United Nations logo. The Endorser logo necessitates prior authorization. To use the Endorser logo, you must submit a request using the UN Global Compact Dashboard and provide a sample, mock-up, or screenshot. For this purpose, a UN Global Compact “We Support” logo with a ‘sample’ watermark. Every use of the Endorser logo requires prior permission.

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Participant Profile

All participants of the UN Global Compact have a participant profile on the website. This is a space to be able to discuss current practices and showcase the initiatives and best practices throughout the business.

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Communication On Progress (CoP)

As a participant in the UN Global Compact, it is mandatory for your organization, along with all participant organizations globally, to annually release a public report known as the Progress Communication (CoP). This report highlights the advancements made by your organization in sustainable development. It is a condition of your commitment to the UN Global Compact and must be submitted annually during the universal submission period, between 1 March and 30 June each year. New participants submit their first CoP in the Spring following their joining year.

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UN Global Compact Academy

To enhance your understanding of corporate sustainability topics and receive practical training, you have the opportunity to utilize the UN Global Compact Academy. This online learning platform is exclusively available to employees of businesses that are participants in the UN Global Compact. The Academy offers a range of learning options, including fundamental e-learning courses, specialized deep dives, regional exchange sessions, and comprehensive learning plans. Participants have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience.


Local And Global Events

As a Participant of the UN Global Compact, your organization will receive invitations to both global and local flagship events organized by the UN Global Compact. To ensure that you receive email updates and communication from UN Global Compact, and UN Global Compact Network Canada, please make sure that you are added as a contact point in the UN Global Compact Dashboard.

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