Peer Learning Groups

Peer Learning Groups at the UN Global Compact create a safe space for companies to share their best practices and challenges on critical sustainability issues with like-minded professionals while gaining access to industry experts and unique networking opportunities.

Peer Learning Groups in Canada will focus on two priority issue tracks — climate action, and SMEs — with the goal of moving companies forward in taking ambitious action on these issues.

Through facilitated sessions, curated resources and group discussions, participants learn about the latest best practices in any given issue area in a trusted, regulated environment.

Why join Peer Learning Groups?

As a Participant of the UN Global Compact, participating companies will have the opportunity to connect with their peers in order to:

  • Learn from the challenges others are facing;
  • Share ideas about the solutions that could help overcome those challenges;
  • Identify trends on emerging innovations that may be applicable to their company contexts;
  • Build a community, network and support system in an ever-changing landscape under mounting pressure from consumers and shareholders;
  • Network with like-minded professionals;
  • Enter a safe space for challenging and courageous conversations;
  • And ultimately advance their company’s sustainability journey.


November 30, 2022 – February 15, 2023: Recruitment

March 2023:  Peer Learning Groups begin


Reach out to Steve Koserski at for more information about the Peer Learning Groups.