Robynne Anderson

Robynne Anderson, President and CEO, Emerging ag inc

Robynne Anderson - President and CEO : Emerging ag incRobynne Anderson is an international expert in agricultural and food policies, working with a broad range of clients from farmers to food processors, research institutions to governments.

Robynne often represents organizations at the United Nations, bringing the voice of agriculture in multi-governmental processes. She co-ordinates Private Sector Mechanism representing agribusinesses at the UN Committee on World Food Security and the Food Systems Summit. Her savviness at international diplomacy brought innovative issues to prominence, such as the role of women in farming, land tenure guidelines, responsible agricultural investment, and the importance of food waste, and global sustainability. She also co-ordinated global activities for the International Year of Pulses on behalf of the Global Pulse Confederation reaching 1.1 billion people worldwide.

Prior to founding Emerging ag in 2010, Robynne established and ran for almost 20 years Issues Ink, a leading publishing company specializing in magazines on Canadian and American agriculture. In addition to her role at Emerging ag, Robynne is involved in her family’s seed farm in Dugald, Manitoba, Canada and a founder of the Manyinga school project, a non-profit organization that supports orphans to learn agricultural skills through schools. In 2017, she became the youngest person inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.