Which of the 17 SDGs is your organization working towards and actively promoting?

Please describe the actions/objectives towards achieving the SDGs that you have selected above.

Matrix360 is committed to the advancement of the SDGs in the Commercial Real Estate and Development (CRED) industry and Corporate Canada. Although the CRED industry consists of land and buildings, it is an industry about people, for people by people: it is about communities. Simply stated, real estate sustains life. Our objectives are strongly aligned with increasing diversity and inclusion in Canada, centered on sustainable development and connecting people to business.

Our platform of tailored people strategies is designed to create purposeful growth. With this aim, we lead a variety of advisory based dialogues and initiatives pertinent to the industry’s most important asset: it’s people. These initiatives include strategy consultation and co-hosted events that incite knowledge sharing. We believe that purposeful growth in the private sector is achieved through an intentional focus on diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. Our engagement and involvement in programs that advocate for increased inclusion is centred in our daily activities. Furthermore, we are focused on business sustainability through the application and alignment of the principles embedded in our four key pillars: Workplace Strategy & Design, Search & Talent Management, Learning & Development, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Our core mission and objectives include:

  • Increasing the awareness around the importance of inclusivity in Commercial Real Estate and Development and Corporate Canada.
  • A specific focus on the importance of how intersectionality fuels our understanding of diversity with an intentional push to move from casual dialogue to purposeful action. This is achieved through strategic initiatives that include but are not limited to: leadership development programs, advisory mandates, mentorship programs, creating industry research reports, and with a focus on talent and professional development sessions.
  • Encouraging and enabling the establishment of workplace environments that include more equal access to opportunities for all employees.
  • Increasing the impact of collaborative inclusion initiatives across a variety of industries and sectors.
  • The creation of platforms for education and advisory to help develop a deeper understanding of the impact of people dynamics within the industry, and in doing so elevating an organization’s ability to reach the true potential of its workforce.

At Matrix360, we aim to lead by example by creating initiatives that convert casual dialogue into purposeful action to elevate inclusion and advance the SDGs.

Please specify the impact of your organization’s actions on the SDGs that you have selected above.

Matrix360 is passionate about our responsibility as thought leaders in serving our community and we are deliberate in the way we demonstrate our commitment to enhancing the spaces we participate in. We do this through delivering workshops and seminars, leading panel discussions, chairing conferences, delivering keynote presentations and leading professional development programs. Our impact reaches numerous workplaces in the Commercial Real Estate and Development industry across Canada. Some examples of our initiatives include:

  • Chairing the 2018 Human Resources Magazine Diversity & Inclusion Masterclass Conference
  • Collaborating as Advisory Partner in the GCNC Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector Project, 2018
  • Co-creating a debut RealStories series to capture senior CRED leader’s perspectives on pertinent issues in the industry and advance dialogues to explore strategies for inclusion
  • Debuting a formal mentorship program in collaboration with Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals (CAUFP)
  • Delivering an educational and learning series, that is focused on mentorship
  • Conducting external research and creating reports that shed light on the state of the industry and the communities that contribute to it: Roundtables Research report, Canadian Real Estate and Workplace Diversity Survey, and State of the Industry reports

At Matrix360, we also create strategies for organizations that are supported by research to better implement more inclusive policies. The following examples are specific ways in which we are continuously implementing real action:

  • As Workplace Strategy Advisors for our clients in both formal and informal capacities on better implementation of more inclusive policies.
  • Through our specialization in Talent Management and Search, we target and identify diverse groups and purposefully provide them with access to opportunities, preparing them for advancement and as a result adding enhancing the calibre of talent in the industry.
    • In our day-to-day talent advisory business, we have advanced opportunities for women and emerging leaders, with an average of nearly 2/3 female placements over the past four years and over 40% for emerging leaders under 35.
  • Through a Matrix360-led CRED Roundtable research initiative that captured the pulse of the industry and the perspectives of participants in the industry. Their professional experience ranged from entry level to executive management, and the following themes were candidly discussed: Leadership Dynamics, Demographics and Diversity, Compensation and Equity, Technology, and Corporate Governance and Compliance.
  • Through creating and executing the first Canadian Real Estate and Workplace Diversity Survey in 2016. The data report and summary shines light for the real estate industry to understand the realities of the importance of diversity and attitudes towards inclusion that shape: corporate policy creation, engagement, innovation and advancement in the workplace. The data extraction was focused with the following goals:
    • To collect national data to fill a void of information about attitudes toward diversity within the Canadian Real Estate Industry
    • To provide reliable and timely data to employers in the Canadian Real Estate Industry
    • To identify and capture key trends that will help build the people structure of the Canadian Real Estate Industry
  • Through the creation and implementation of Matrix: Talent Connectivity (2016), Canada’s first Internship & Leadership Program focused on emerging professionals for the real estate industry.
  • We also founded and implemented Matrix: RealTalk Series (2015), an initiative focused on the conversations between real estate professionals and the impact of business strategies through an interactive platform of seminars and podcasts.
To further lead by example, we embrace diversity within our internal workforce. We celebrate our own diversity internally and are reflective of many diverse groups within our team. In doing so, we embody our mission and it is reflective in our corporate structure and people.

These are a few of the ways the Matrix team has been acknowledged and recognized:

    • Nominated for the W.P.J. McCarthy Corporate Partner of the Year Award at the Pursuit of Excellence Awards, Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC), 2018
    • Finalist for Canadian HR Awards 2017 Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion
    • Nominated for the W.P.J McCarthy Corporate Citizen of the Year Award with the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) 2017
    • Sponsorship Award from REIC Toronto Chapter in 2016
    • Corporate Citizen of the Year Award from REIC Toronto Chapter in 2015
    • Our Principal, Chandran Fernando, was a recipient of the 2016 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award

Does your organization engage in any partnerships to advance the SDGs?

Yes, we are active in involvement with organizations in collaborative initiatives for education, professional development, the advancement of diversity & inclusion, and thought leadership on the value of people in business:

  • Urban Land Institute (ULI) Toronto
    • Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Committee
    • Connect Committee
    • Co-Created #SheWithHe Initiative (2015) with ULI Toronto to increase the importance of awareness of men’s and women’s collaborative actions for gender parity in the real estate industry
  • Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC)
    • Industry Leader series to capture and share the journeys of influential leaders in the CRED industry
  • Company of Women
    • Education and professional development for SME women-owned businesses and professionals
  • Women Get on Boards
    • Board level training for the advancement of women and access to board opportunities
  • Global Compact Network Canada
    • Advisory Partner in the GCNC Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector Project, 2018
  • Canadian Real Estate Forums
    • The Evolution of Real Estate seminar series
    • RealLeadership Series
    • Speaker Training Series
  • Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals
    • Professional Development and Mentorship Program
  • Seneca College
    • Delivering educational/professional development lectures
  • hErVolution
    • Involvement in elevating education for young girls from diverse backgrounds in creating access to summer camps and careers in STEM research

Throughout our business, we actively seek to build value-added partnerships where our sponsorship is not about writing a cheque, but creating lasting impact and initiatives that inspire change. We are seeking further partnership opportunities on initiatives with the public sector, private sector, and academia within Canada.

How are you communicating and measuring your impact towards the SDGs?

Our involvement and collaborations for initiatives are chronicled in our social media content, and we will release a communication on progress (COP) at the end of the year to further detail our impacts to the SDGs.

Our measurement includes the successful creation and implementation of programs and the feedback we receive from our stakeholders. Our initiatives are comprised of strategies for the advancement of leadership, inclusive business practices, training and development of corporate policy implementation, mentorship, succession planning, and the sustainability of business in real estate and corporate Canada.