SDG Survey 2018 Results and Analysis

The results and analysis of the SDG Survey 2018 are RELEASED! Download the webinar below.

Join the Global Compact Network Canada for an interactive webinar on the SDG Survey 2018 Results and Analysis.

Tune into the webinar and join us as we present an in-depth analysis of the SDG Survey 2018 with insightful perspectives from the Canadian government and businesses in an interactive panel discussion.

During the webinar, the discussion and presentation will help you gain insights on the following:

  • Which SDGs have been identified as priorities for Canadian organizations?
  • Which of the SDGs are organizations planning to focus on in the foreseeable future?
  • How are Canadian organizations aligning their internal priorities and strategies with the SDGs?
  • Where are the gaps, challenges and drivers for moving the Sustainable Development agenda forward in Canada?

The SDG Survey 2018 is sponsored by Global Affairs Canada.

View the Webinar Recording and the SDG Survey 2018 Report