Neetika Sathe

Neetika Sathe

Neetika Sathe is Vice President of the Alectra Green Energy & Technology Centre (GRE&T Centre). Prior to her appointment as VP, she led innovation projects in the energy industry for the past six years at Alectra (and formerly PowerStream).

The GRE&T Centre has continued the work of Alectra’s Advanced Planning team to assess mega trends, and is focusing on enabling Smart Cities, grid innovation, and launching an energy tech Accelerator in 2020.

Through Neetika’s direction, the GRE&T Centre is Alectra’s latest step to be at the forefront of exciting industry changes to make energy innovations come to life by identifying, evaluating, developing and deploying emerging, green, and customer-friendly energy solutions across Alectra’s service territory.

Previously, Neetika was the Chief Marketing Manager for Nissan LEAF and Cross-Overs in Canada responsible for sales and profitability for her portfolio, including the launch of the Nissan LEAF in Canada. Neetika’s career path has seen her hold various positions in Corporate Development, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Planning and Finance.

Neetika serves on the board of several industry associations such as Electric Mobility Canada, and serves as Chair on the Board of NSERC Energy Storage Technology (NEST) Network and Vice Chair of National Electricity Roundtable.

Neetika holds a Masters degree in Physics from Panjab University, and an MBA from McMaster University.