Sustainability Reporting Peer Review Programme

Sustainability Reporting Peer Review Programme

Continuous improvement of sustainability reporting through relevant and practical industry peer feedback

Do you want industry peers to review your sustainability report and give you honest, to-the-point feedback and recommendations that you won’t get internally at your organization or from other stakeholders?

The Sustainability Reporting Peer Review programme is a platform to help you benchmark your report and exchange and receive feedback from other corporate sustainability professionals, hear their perspectives, lessons learned, share best practices and ultimately improve your corporate sustainability reporting practices.

Reach out to Steve Koserski at for more information about the Sustainability Reporting Peer Review programme.

Benefits include
  • Exchange and receive insightful, substantive and genuine feedback from your industry peers and sustainability practitioners.
  • Share best practices with companies from different industries and backgrounds.
  • Benchmark your company’s reporting practices and sustainability initiatives.
  • Companies can use their sustainability reports or Communication on Progress (CoP) to participate in the programme.
  • The programme is held under the Chatham House Rule: Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Bell is an active participant in the Network & Reporting Peer Review Programme!

This kind of in-depth feedback from peers and non-peers is very helpful for improving the quality and content of our report going forward, and I look forward to participating annually… I would recommend this to any company, Canadian or otherwise, looking to improve their CR Reporting.

Program Activities and Timeline

Registration Deadline: 8 May – 30 June 2023

Participation agreements and sustainability reports from participants are due on 17 July 2023

Peer review assessments from Participants are due  on 21 August 2023

Distribution of peer review assessments to Participants: 28 August 2023

Concluding roundtable session in October 2023

Interested in Participating?

The following fees apply in order to participate in the Sustainability Reporting Peer Review programme:
UN Global Compact Participant: CA$1,000 (plus HST)

If you’re not yet a Participant of the UN Global Compact but are interested in this programme, click here to learn more about the benefits of our network.

Reach out to Steve Koserski at for more information about the Sustainability Reporting Peer Review programme.

Past Participants
Participating Companies

Export Development Canada found the programme to be pain-free, effective and valuable!

We found this a valuable, effective way to get feedback on our CSR Report from corporate peers who understand the standards for good quality CSR reporting. The Global Compact Network Canada made the process pain-free. While we all skim through CSR reports, this process pushes you to do a thorough, in-depth review and compare them to your own. I highly recommend participation by companies looking for a tool to get meaningful input on their reports.


TELUS found the Network & Reporting Peer Review Programme to be a valuable source of stakeholder feedback!

“TELUS is happy to participate in the Global Compact Network Canada report peer review process. It has become a valuable source of stakeholder feedback which we use to help inform future reporting roadmaps. We always learn something new and also use it as a tool to validate our internal feedback.


Enbridge had the opportunity to glean new insights from other’s work!

Participating in Global Compact Network Canada’s Peer Review Reporting Programme was extremely valuable. I received thoughtful feedback from experts who really understand CSR/Sustainability reporting, and had the opportunity to glean new insights from their work while I was providing them with feedback.