Sustainability Spotlight Webinar Series: Investing in Future Generations

About the Webinar Recording

Is improving the well-being of youth one of your organization’s objectives? If yes, how do you decide where to allocate your efforts and resources, and how to measure the impact that you are making on young people across Canada?

Scotiabank, Canada’s international bank, created an index tool using health and education indicators to better understand the challenges facing young people today. The Index is a tool to help bring youth practitioners together to improve or create policies, pinpoint problem areas and benchmark progress.

It’s also a platform to engage with partners in the youth space. Scotiabank recognizes that the long-term success in these areas depends on actions that are larger than any single organization. We must look at how we, as a collective society, can help move some of the Index’s indicators over the long-term in order to impact the future of the next generation.

In this Sustainability Spotlight Webinar Series: Investing in Future Generations, Scotiabank’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Samantha Mesrobian will share key insights from the Index, as well as how Scotiabank will use the Index to inform and make funding decisions in the future.


Samantha Mesrobian
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Scotiabank

Samantha Mesrobian has been with Scotiabank for 10 years and is currently the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. In this role, Samantha is responsible for leading the CSR strategy, reporting, stakeholder engagement, and communications. Samantha is a seasoned marketer and passionate about brand. In her role in CSR, she is able to have an impact on Scotiabank’s reputation to drive brand value.

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About the Sustainability Spotlight Webinar Series

The Global Compact Network Canada is the go-to network for all Canadian corporate sustainability insights, thought-leadership, and best practices. To help and encourage Canadian professionals to embrace the 17 SDGs and sustainable business practices, the GCNC is hosting a series of webinars to help build the capacity of the Canadian private sector.

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