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Peer Learning Groups

Grappling with complex issues in an ever-changing sustainability landscape under mounting pressure from consumers and shareholders, sustainability professionals across the globe are looking for opportunities to connect with their peers for insights and knowledge sharing.

Peer Learning Groups at the UN Global Compact create a safe space for companies to share their best practices and challenges on critical sustainability issues with like-minded professionals, while gaining access to industry experts and unique networking opportunities. 

Run in collaboration with Global Compact Local Networks, Peer Learning Groups in 2023 will focus on four priority issue tracks — climate action, gender equality, labour and human rights, and SMEs — with the goal of moving companies forward in taking ambitious action on these issues.

Through facilitated sessions, curated resources and group discussions, participants learn about the latest best practices in any given issue area in a trusted, regulated environment.

The Learning Experience 

Peer Learning Groups in 2023 will focus on four priority issue tracks: climate action, gender equality, labour and human rights, and SMEs. Companies may choose to participate in a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 priority issue tracks. (Please see below for a list of issue tracks offered in your country.) 

Each issue track encompasses 4-6 sessions annually. Sessions take place virtually, are facilitated by UN Global Compact staff, and bring together 20-60 participants from different industries and sectors in your region. 

Leading up to each session, participants receive materials from the UN Global Compact to help them prepare. During the session, participants learn through case studies, breakout sessions, and discussion forms.

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