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As part of the UN Global Compact’s Making Global Goals Local Business campaign, each year the UN Global Compact recognizes a class of SDG Pioneers — business leaders working at any level of their company who are using business as a force for good to advance the 17 SDGs. Through their own company or by mobilizing other businesses, they are helping to reach one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also contributing to business success.

UN Global Compact Network Canada is looking for professionals working at any level in a participating United Nations Global Compact company who are setting ambitious SDG targets, scaling efforts, and impacting their companies through a principles-based approach.

This year we will recognize not one but two SDG Pioneers – one from a large national and multinational company, and one from an SME. The 2023 UN Global Compact Network Canada SDG Pioneers will automatically go through to the global round for the opportunity to be recognized as global SDG Pioneers at the UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit in September 2023.

Why apply? 

Local and global recognition
Special consideration will be given to local round winners in the selection process of the 2023 UN Global Compact SDG Pioneers. Other benefits include speaking opportunities at the UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit in September 2023.

Showcase business leadership in advancing the Global Goals
Leadership in the 2030 era requires change agents and the SDG Pioneers Programme provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for professionals to push their vision forward within their organizations to create change.

Employee engagement and recognition
The programme provides companies with an opportunity to highlight how their employees are advancing the SDGs and are becoming the next generation of leaders.

Who can apply? 

Professionals who are working at any level of a United Nations Global Compact participating company are eligible to apply or can be nominated. To check whether an organization is a UN Global Compact participating company, please search the participant list here.

Please note that to be considered eligible for the 2023 SDG Pioneers, companies must be actively involved with United Nations Global Compact and have submitted at least one Communication on Progress (CoP) since 1 October 2022.

The UN Global Compact reserves the right to remove the SDG Pioneer recognition if the company and/or individual is later deemed to be a reputational risk to the SDG Pioneer campaign and/or the UN Global Compact initiative.

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