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Biodiversity Working Group

A collaborative initiative aimed at facilitating corporate biodiversity action and reporting in partnership with WSP.

Biodiversity is gaining increasing attention in the business world, and Canadian companies recognize the importance of taking action. However, many are still in the early stages of embracing biodiversity initiatives. In response to this challenge, the UN Global Compact Network Canada is pleased to introduce the Biodiversity Working Group, a collaborative initiative aimed at facilitating corporate biodiversity action and reporting in partnership with WSP.

Canadian businesses are eager to pledge their commitment to biodiversity conservation, including through reporting under the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). Nevertheless, a significant knowledge gap on how to begin this process exists both globally and locally, posing a key obstacle to effective participation in biodiversity initiatives.

The core objective of this working group is to assist Canadian companies in taking meaningful steps towards biodiversity reporting and action. Our aim is to bridge the knowledge gap by developing practical solutions and guidance for companies looking to lay the internal groundwork for reporting under the TNFD. This working group provides a platform for knowledge exchange, collaborative learning, and the development of actionable strategies.


  • August Wichert (he/him), Lead, Environment and Climate Sustainability, UN Global Compact Network Canada
  • Patrick Lafrance (he/him), Vice-président national, Écologie et étude d'impact environnemental, WSP
  • Kristine Sare (she/her), Ecologist and Biodiversity Specialist, WSP
  • Kyle Knopff (he/him), Ecologist and Impact Assessment Specialist, WSP

Key Components:

  • Collaborative Sessions: This working group will host a series of sessions co-led by industry experts. Active participation from attendees is vital. Through these sessions, Participants will have the opportunity to share their challenges with getting started on biodiversity reporting in order to co-develop guidance tailored to their needs.
  • Topic Focus: The working group will primarily focus on the necessary preliminary steps for getting started with reporting under the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures. Participants can anticipate in-depth discussions, case studies, and practical guidance on this essential topic.
  • Diverse Participation: We invite companies from various sectors, including industrial metal & mining, financial services, alternative energy, general industrial, software and computer services, and oil and gas producers. Diverse participation will enrich the quality of the guidance developed.
  • Practical Deliverable: The ultimate goal of this working group is to create a practical and actionable guide. This guide will serve as a valuable resource for Canadian companies seeking to enhance their corporate biodiversity efforts.

Why Join?

  • Industry Expertise: Collaborate with recognized industry experts and network peers to gain insights and knowledge about biodiversity reporting.
  • Accessible Participation: No prior experience is required, and participation is open to all industries.
  • Contribute to a Larger Effort: Shape the deliverable to meet your specific needs and participate in a collective effort to promote corporate biodiversity action.

Who can join?

This working group is exclusively open to the Canadian Participants of the UN Global Compact.

We invite companies of all sizes, representing a wide spectrum of industries, and at varying stages of maturity in the biodiversity topic area to join. It is important to highlight that no prior expertise is required, ensuring a welcoming opportunity for all.

Given the limited capacity of 6-10 Participating Companies, in the event of high interest, priority will be given to ensure a diverse representation across industries during the Participant approval process.


  • Deadline to join: 24 November 2023
  • Onboarding: December 2023
  • 3-6 sessions between January and April / May 2024

Participation in the Biodiversity Working Group is an opportunity to make a substantial impact on your organization's sustainability efforts. Together, we can address the gaps in biodiversity action and drive meaningful change. Join us in this significant endeavour to assist Canadian businesses on their biodiversity reporting journey.

Ready to join?

To join this Working Group, contact August Wichert (he/him), Lead, Environment and Climate Sustainability at august@unglobalcompact.ca.

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