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Accelerating Systemic Change Toolkit


Accelerating Systemic Change Toolkit: Gender Equity Solutions for the Workplace

In 2021, funding was received from Women and Gender Equality Canada through the Feminist Response and Recovery Fund for a transformative three-year initiative aimed to bolster women’s participation and opportunities in the labour market and tackling discriminatory legislation, policies, and practices hindering full participation of women in Canada's social, political, and economic spheres.

The “Accelerating Systemic Change: The Case for Gender Equality Leadership for Sustainable Recovery” project revealed that times of crisis exacerbate economic and social inequities in the workplace. As complex crises and periods of instability are becoming our new normal, it is not just morally right, it is practically right to make sure women are supported in the workplace as they have been shown to be part of the solution This initiative exposed fault lines in Canada including gender-based and systemic barriers which hinder women’s ability to effectively respond to crises which are disproportionately affecting them.

Guided by a GBA+ framework, this initiative has brought to the forefront the voices of women and systemically marginalized groups in discussions around post-pandemic recovery and workplace resilience. Collaborations were established with private sector partners, professional networks, gender equity leaders, and industry associations to pinpoint gender-based workplace barriers, cultivate gender-responsive solutions, and introduce a comprehensive toolkit on gender equality, diversity, and inclusion for businesses.

The Toolkit will serve as an invaluable asset in fostering workplaces that are more diverse, inclusive, and equipped to navigate through crises.  By taking steps to ensure greater equality for women, non-binary individuals, and systemically underrepresented groups, employers can build more crisis-resilient workplaces and societies.

What to expect from the Toolkit 

Executive Summary

The executive summary outlines all key findings from the Toolkit, including key challenges and solutions, and a call to action. 

Consultation Session Report

This report presents qualitative and quantitative analysis on the gendered repercussions of the pandemic, grounded in primary research with women and non-binary individuals across Canada, many of whom belong to other equity-deserving groups.

Advice from Gender Equity Leaders

This segment offers insights and guidance for organizations on enhancing their gender equality efforts and supporting the advancement of women and members of other equity-deserving groups into leadership positions.

Case Studies

A compilation of 20 case studies showcases gender-responsive strategies, policies, and initiatives addressing the obstacles identified by women and non-binary individuals. These case studies represent proven best practices from a diverse array of organizations at various stages of their equity, diversity, and inclusion journey.


Access the full Toolkit, encompassing an Introduction, the Consultation Session Report, Advice from Gender Equity Leaders, and Case Studies. 


This project spanned from September 2021 to March 2024, receiving generous support from Women and Gender Equality Canada. 

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