About The Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC)

Brittany Gataveckas

Manager, Programmes and Projects / Manager, Social Sustainability

Brittany (she/her) is a project design and implementation specialist and subject-matter expert who is committed to helping Canadian organizations advance gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, strengthen human rights commitments, and improve decent work opportunities.

In her role as Lead, Social Sustainability, she is responsible for overseeing and implementing Global Compact Network Canada’s initiatives on gender equality, human rights, labour, and decent work. In the capacity of Project Manager, Brittany secured and is managing two multi-year projects to advance diversity and inclusion in the private sector. The first project, “Accelerating Systemic Change: The Case for Gender Equality Leadership for Sustainable Recovery” is funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada’s Feminist Response and Recovery Fund and aims to help eliminate gender-based barriers and improve economic security for systemically excluded groups. The second project, funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is entitled, “The Future is Equal: Enabling Ecosystems of Support in Canada”, and is designed to support organizations across Canada in achieving the 50-30 Challenge by providing the necessary tools, resources, knowledge, interventions, and network to meet ambitious goals as well as foster greater capacity for equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts in the future.

Brittany joined Global Compact Network Canada in 2019 to help to deliver the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project (funded by the Department for Women and Gender Equality) where she co-authored the Blueprint for Gender Equality and Maturity Model self-assessment tool. Her earlier professional experience includes consulting, research, and strategic communication roles with leading nonprofits, universities, and financial institutions.

Brittany holds a PhD from McMaster University. Her doctoral dissertation focused on international relations, postwar reconstruction, and the emergence of the modern human rights and humanitarian movements.
In her spare time, Brittany enjoys a good hiking trail, book, and German Biergarten.