About The Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC)

Dominick Mitchell

Finance Administrator

Dominick Mitchell (he/him) is the Finance Administrator for the UN Global Compact Network Canada supporting the financial management of the operations and programs. With 6 years of experience in finance and international development, Dominick is excited to bring his skillset to
this opportunity.

Dominick is responsible for overseeing all financial activities that include preparing financial reports for the Global Compact Hub, and processing our Annual Participation invoices.

Dominick is interested in Sustainable Finance and the impact it can have on the environment and economy.

In his spare time, Dominick enjoys adventurous walks, participating in debate groups, volunteering within the community and reading. He is also working towards his Chartered Financial Analysis designation to advance his career.

Ask him about how to perform financial modeling, questions or concerns around our financial procedures, or who’s on his Mount Rushmore.

Dominick Mitchell