About The Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC)

Hélène-Karelle Ekpini

Project Implementation Specialist

Hélène-Karelle (she/her) is a world traveller, political scientist and multilingual advocate of Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Women’s and Children’s Rights, African development and Youth empowerment.

Understanding the reality and needs of the communities and people, she dedicated her career to serving, Hélène-Karelle is a visionary and diplomat who uses a capacity-building approach in her work and relationship with stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as we tackle Inclusive Growth, Gender Equality, and Poverty Eradication. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Montréal and a Bachelor in International Relations and French from Mount Holyoke College. With experience working with NGOs, local governments and international organizations like the UNDP, Hélène-Karelle is currently working as a Project Implementation Specialist on the 50-30 Challenge, an initiative between the Government of Canada, Canadian businesses and Diversity organizations. A project designed to build a more inclusive, resilient and competitive economy by providing the necessary tools and resources to achieve gender parity (50%) and significant representation (30%) of other under-represented groups including racialized persons, Indigenous people, people living with disabilities, and members of the LGBTIQ2S+ community on corporate boards and in senior management positions.

Hélène-Karelle’s favourite quote as a daily reminder of the change we aim to achieve is – to educate a man is to educate a nation. You can always catch her in an intellectual conversation or between two flights as she discovers new cultures and modern-day griots to cultivate Black consciousness.

Hélène-Karelle Ekpini