Teranga Gold

Teranga Gold Corporation

Teranga Gold Corporation is an emerging mid-tier West African gold company. Headquartered in Canada, Teranga’s cornerstone asset is the Sabodala Gold Mine (SGO) in Senegal, West Africa. SGO operates the only commercial gold mill in the country, and is one of the largest employers in Senegal with approximately 1,100 employees. More than 90% of SGO’s workforce is Senegalese, and more than half are from the region surrounding the mine.

While committed to Senegal, the company is expanding its activities to other mining-friendly jurisdictions in West Africa, announcing both an exploration joint venture in Côte d’Ivoire and the acquisition of Gryphon Minerals, a company focused in Burkina Faso.

Teranga’s mission is to create value for all of its stakeholders. Teranga aims to be a catalyst for sustainable economic, environmental, and community development where it operates. In this context, signing the UN Global Compact in 2013 and then, joined the Global Compact Network Canada in 2016 was an opportunity for Teranga to re-affirm its commitment to responsible mining and to include its actions in a global network, being able to share experiences, best practices and grow as a corporate citizen.

Teranga Gold CorpTeranga has been awarded in 2016 one of the first Sustainable Development Goals Awards from the Global Compact Network Canada in recognition to its achievements in striving to implement the Goals. We believe that our contribution to the GCNC will allow us to go further and to pursue on our journey towards setting the benchmark for responsible mining in West Africa.[/vc_column_text]