The Future of Reporting: How to Stay Relevant in a Maturing Market

About this Webinar

What is the future of sustainability reporting?

As sustainability reporting matures and becomes more commonplace, companies are struggling to catch up to regulatory demands and reporting standards coming from different regions of the world. With growing technological advancements in today’s digital landscape, it is getting harder for reporters to ensure that their reports remain relevant and serve the needs of various stakeholders.

In this webinar, Michael Morris will help cut through the noise and share his insights on where the market is heading and how to prepare for what’s to come. 

Michael believes that sustainability reporting should be a continuous communication instead of a one-time event and that the reporting process will continue to play an important role in society’s path to a more sustainable economy. The question is how to stay relevant and push the process forward in this dynamic and ever-changing market?


Michael Morris

Manager, Sustainability & Climate Change, Deloitte LLP

Michael Morris is a manager in the Deloitte Sustainability & Climate Change practice. He plays a key role in leading sustainability report assurance engagements across several industries. Michael has over 10 years of experience leading sustainability report assurance engagements for clients in the telecommunications, oil & gas, mining, and construction industries, covering a wide range of environmental and social data.

He also has extensive experience with sustainability disclosure strategy development, helping his clients create more meaningful and impactful disclosure by better identifying material issues, developing goals and targets, and designing action plans to demonstrate their progress.

Deloitte’s S&CC practice has 1500 people across the globe, ready to help you drive sustainability principles into the core of your business. Whether it be sustainability data assurance, climate change strategy, or stakeholder engagement, we bring leading global methodologies and insights and apply them to your local context. future reporting



About the Sustainability Reporting Working Group

The focus of Global Compact Network Canada’s Sustainability Reporting Working Group is to discuss and explore the responsibility of a company to communicate all aspects of its business. Most often, reporting focuses on highlighting the positives; however, this group builds upon this by discussing how business can also communicate not only the good but also the bad and utilize it as a point of improvement. future reporting

This Working Group is led by Geoff Pegg, Director of Sustainability, Utilities & Energy Management at TELUS. To join this working group, your company must be a participant of the GCNC. Please click on the learn more button below to learn more about how to participate and other participation benefits.  future reporting

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