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Megan Grace Halferty

Coordinator, Sustainability

Megan (she/her) currently holds the position of Sustainability Coordinator at the UN Global Compact Network Canada where she aids in the development and delivery of educational programmes, workshops, and learning groups aimed at Canadian Businesses. 

With a keen interest in the Canadian Just Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy, Megan works to leverage her expertise and personal passion to lead research efforts, develop programmatic content, and advocate for the integration of social sustainability, human rights, and equality into Canadian businesses. Using her ongoing research in a Canadian context, Megan is also available in an advisory capacity to provide guidance, resources, and ideas to businesses at various maturity levels in their journey towards a Just Transition.

Both her educational background in Environmental Politics and Justice from York University, as well as she lived experience as a disabled female, have informed Megan’s work and given her a unique perspective on the challenges facing underrepresented groups in society.

In her free time, Megan enjoys volunteering at her local community garden, reading, and expressing her creativity through various mediums including poetry and painting. 

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