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August Wichert

Lead, Environment and Climate Sustainability

August Wichert (he/him) holds the position of Environment and Climate Sustainability Lead at the UN Global Compact Network Canada. In this capacity, he oversees programs under the organization’s environmental portfolio, including the Climate Peer Learning Group, Climate Ambition Accelerator, and any environmentally focused working groups.

Based in Toronto, August has a BSc in Environmental Biology and MEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto, and past work experience in environmental assessment, corporate services, scientific fieldwork, and the federal public service. He holds a strong interest in biodiversity, climate change, and low-impact design, and seeks to leverage his cross-disciplinary expertise in search of creative but feasible solutions to the environmental crises of our day and age.

In the world outside work, August is a professional author, occasional guest lecturer, and wetland enthusiast. He keeps two self-sustaining backyard ponds—one with goldfish, one without.

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