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Shanul Kazi

Project Manager 50 - 30 Challenge

Shanul (she/her/hers) is a social impact, ESG and corporate sustainability professional with over 10 years experience in designing, developing, strategizing impact investment, corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility at leading corporations in Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, China and Pakistan. Shanul is a subject matter expertise as a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging specialist and pursued DEIB higher education at Cornell University and led global DEIB portfolios internationally. She serves as member and trainer at the Financial Alliance for Women & Global Parity Alliance at the World Economic Forum.

In her role as Project Manager, she manages the ’50-30 Challenge’, funded by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, supporting over 2,000 Canadian corporations in achieving project targets by providing necessary tools, resources to equip signatory organizations to accelerate diversity, equity, inclusion, in line with the UN SDGs & UN Global Compact’s ten guiding principles. 

In her free time, Shanul likes to write, play sports, travel and explore.

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