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Elizabeth Dove

Executive Director

A tri-sector leader, specializing in social impact and sustainability strategies which engage the public, business and the government. Elizabeth has worked as senior staff and consultant on advancing a wide range of issues including health, inclusion, affordable housing, empowerment of women and youth, the arts, and international development. Passionate about the power of collaboration, she seeks out projects that bring together actors from different sectors to create value for their organizations and the broader community.

Through her leadership as a consultant, facilitator, and senior manager, more children have found loving foster homes, concerned individuals and the government more easily dialogue on foreign aid, banks have adopted new ways to support Indigenous peoples, international development organizations have found new ways to partner with business, and regular citizens have discovered their superpowers as changemakers. In addition to strategic subject matter expertise, Elizabeth has honed skills in: designing learning and development programs, marketing and communications, sales, partnership development, and consulting.

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