UN Global Compact companies can nominate one (1) senior level manager/executive to act as Champion. Champions will oversee their team of Innovators and promote their projects internally. This is an exciting opportunity for senior executives/managers to drive the development of new ideas, initiatives, and business models that can address present and future sustainability challenges in their company.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Member of senior management with strong knowledge of the company’s risks and opportunities and a passion to advance business innovation and sustainability in their company
  • Experience leading a cross-functional team on a dedicated project
  • Persuasiveness and ability to influence colleagues and stakeholders at different levels

For more details on qualifications, participation benefits, and expectations, please navigate through below tabs. 

Please note that companies must first apply and be confirmed before they can nominate Champion candidates to join their Innovator team. Companies can apply using the Company Application Form on our program page.